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Meriden Birthday Weekend

One of Claire's cousins is having a 60th birthday party later in the year at a hotel in Meriden in the Midlands.


The overnight cost would be a special rate of £80 a night B&B. Tempting. On booking dot com their cheapest room is £115.

But as we have Reggie to consider, going in the car doesn't make sense, so we will go in Molly. The hotel doesn't look dog friendly.

There's a campsite not far from the hotel. It's 3 minutes driving and 27 walking according to Google Maps.

I have booked us in there for 2 nights at £33 a night at Somers Wood Caravan Park. Obviously we'll have to cook our own breakfast both mornings.... So far just £20 deposit paid.

I emailed to see whether we can park for the party and not had a reply. Claire called and got through. We can park but not stay overnight. That's okay with us.

The party doesn't start until 7.30pm and so we have to get there reasonably on-time to park. Reggie can stay in Molly and I can pop out every so often to check on him.

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Brighton Birthday Weekend

This weekend was planned for Claire's Birthday.

It's rude to divulge a lady's age....

There was a problem emailing the blog update here and to Blogger.

It arrived on Blogger but not here.

Rather than re-type it all up I have just put the link here.


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Grimm Up North!

Back to this trip. I had already cancelled the return visit on the way back from the Yorkshire Dales at Clumber Park and was looking for a replacement.

I wanted somewhere within striking distance of the A1 and A1M for the return journey.

So looking on Search4Sites and saw a Caravan Club site near Peterborough. It's not that far from the A1 so it meets that criteria.

That night will be at Ferry Meadows club campsite.

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Grimm Up North!

Two days! Yep. Just two days since I booked the return from Yorkshire and I have cancelled Clumber Park.

At the moment I haven't got a replacement in mind but will be looking later on for somewhere about halfway between Yorkshire and home.

Maybe we'll try a pub stop? Don't know yet. I decided to cancel early so that the pitch can be available ASAP to any other club member looking for a place.

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Chatsworth Christmas Market 2024

Well. Thanks to Amanda L on one of the Caravan Club (unofficial) Facebook pages for the reminder about booking a pitch this year.

I had forgotten about it and with the Caravan Club site being hacked and down for a few weeks it was difficult to book anyway. So I quickly checked the dates for the market, then the CAMC app and there were only two dates left. I booked them. That's £20 deposit spent and we are booked.

So that's a weekend in November 2024 sorted.

CAMC Site..

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Grimm Up North!

One change to this trip.

I was looking at a pub stop in Yorkshire after we finished at Hawes but decided with the time we are going to be away that maybe we should simply head home after a "long weekend".

As we won't be getting to Clumber Park site until later in the afternoon on the way up.

I decided that as we are likely to be retracing our steps that we should stop there again on the way back! It's not very adventurous, but it will give us time to have a look around the National Trust Park in the afternoon.

I can cancel upto 21 days before the arrival date if I want if I can find a better o more accommodating site instead.

I had a look at a few other options and it looks as though this isn't a bad choice. It's within striking distance of the A1 and we can be on our way home after breakfast and see what there is to visit as we progress southwards.

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MirrorGuard Mirror Protection

Once again it looks as though my update went to the wrong email address for this blog! I have deleted all the addresses (there were two!) for this blog and added it again from the blog setup page.

So rather than mess about re-sending, when forwarding from Yahoo! Mail, it automatically puts a line down the left side of the mail being forwarded. I couldn't work out how to remove it and so I have simply created this mail and will put th e Blogger link here for readers to follow if they are so inclined!

Blogger Entry

Hopefully future emailed updates might arrive here!

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Mirror Guard protectors

When I was updating the website with this I do it by email and somehow I managed to pick up the wrong email for this blog and so the update was bounced back to me.

Rather than do it again. Here's the link to my Blogger account that I have had for many years. It's not purely about travel though, so I maintain it for other stuff as well as travel stuff.

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Rough Guide to Portugal

Another planning tool for the summer holiday to Spain and maybe into northern Portugal.

This copy is used and was formerly a library copy and so it isn't going to be up to date with the right kind of ballpark prices but I doubt historic places will have moved that much!

For £4.04 including postage it will do!


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Grimm Up North!

Grimm with two-mm's. This is based on a series of books set in the Yorkshire Dales known as the "Yorkshire Murder Mysteries".

The main character is called Detective Chief Inspector Harry Grimm.

The police station they work out of is in the market town of Hawes.

What luck that the Caravan Club has a site on the edge of Hawes.

I have been looking for a long weekend getaway in July before the school holidays.

Unfortunately the nearer the date is to the schools finishing for the simmer, the less chance of getting pitch becomes. It seems those without kids like to live on the edge of the rugrat invasion.

So what better than combining a trip in Molly, to a picturesque place and walk the paths in the Dales., but earlier in the month!!

At the moment I have a provisional booking for two nights at the Hawes CAMC site in early July. I have paid the £20 deposit on this stay.

It's a fair way to drive in one day so I have had a look on the CL Booking Site and then on the Caravan Club site... And then on some other search sites and booked Clumber Park near Worksop not far from the A1 north.

Once the Hawes camp is over we can either drive home or extend the trip a little. I have been looking at a pub stop on the way back at the Station Inn at Ribblehead. Right by the famous Viaduct.

More to follow.

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Awaycation Summer 2024 - Spain

With Christmas and New Year behind us now, I have started to hit the guide books and the AA Road Atlas of Spain and Portugal to look at places and routes.


I like the idea of looking at the map and heading off but the planner in me wants to get some roots started.

In reverse I started to look for the last night of the trip. Our Le Shuttle booking is 1030 local time and so to avoid the usual hassles of getting through the French cone alley to the UK Border Control we need to arrive early. So I have a reservation at La Bien Assise at Guines. We stayed there in July 2023 before returning home to UK.

It will probably be the most expensive stay as well!

Whilst on a roll I had a look at when we arrive in Bilbao. It should be early morning and after one full day and two nights in a cabin on a crossing involving the Bay of Biscay, we'll need to have firm land under our feet and a chance to recover.

So after more googling and TripAdvisor searches and reviews I have booked two nights at Laredo in the Camping Playa de Regatón. Decent reviews and has a beach where Reggie can go and run about.

From there we can follow our noses!!

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Claire's Birthday Trip

As it's a big one this year we couldn't jet off to Florida this time. For the last milestone we didn't have a dog at all. And now he's too old to put in kennels so we look for things all three of us can do.

Instead, I have booked the weekend away in Molly at the Caravan Club site at Brighton. It's only 75 miles or so from home, so we should get there easily.

No tolls. No tunnels. Fingers crossed the weather is okay!

Of course. We can cancel up to 14 days before and not lose the deposit I had to pay at the time of booking.

More on this later.

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Molly's new mirrors - 2!

It seems that the job of transplanting the DAB aerial from the old broken long arm mirror was "partially" successful.

I say partially successful as it's difficult to tell whether the job was successful, or if the DAB coverage in large parts of the UK is still rubbish. How the Government can even contemplate turning off AM/FM transmissions is nonsense.

Even in the car fitted with a DAB radio we encounter many "dead" zones all over Kent and the rest of the UK.

At least it works some of the time.

The next job is to look for some guards to protect their newness! The Milenco guards fitted proved superb at stopping the OEM mirrors from getting scratched when passing too close to bushes, but when we hit the hard object that broke the mirror, the guard flew off and did nothing...

So it looks as though we might have to look for a different make! After a Google search there are loads of cheap ones and of course Milenco. But after this expensive experience I won't skimp!

So it looks like Mirror Guard at £140! GULP!

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Go West - Andy McKettrick

I recently bought this book to give us some ideas of places to go when we hit the beachhead in Bilbao in May.

Andy is a frequent poster on several Facebook Motorhome and Campervan pages and I read his posts quite avidly. Blimey. That sounds like I am a fan.... 😊


I have been reading through and many of the places also have the GPS co-ords to program into the satnav. Let's hope he was accurate! So far it's been a good read.

If you are in Europe and fancy a read then the book is available from Amazon.

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Staycation 2024 - Norfolk

We have already booked two nights at the Caravan Club site in Cromer and I was looking to extend the trip. We have seen a few vlogs that have stayed at Pinewoods Holiday Park site at Wells next the Sea.

I had a look and it's open when we are there in Norfolk. So I booked a night to see what it's like!  A chance to enjoy fish and chips from the chippy in the village.


Thanks to The Frenchies YouTube channel we see quite a few Suffolk and Norfolk sites and CL's.

One of the locals

One of the locals

So we have to hope the March weather is going to be good!!


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