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Awaycation Autumn 2024

Too soon?

How long in advance do other bloggers on Travellerspoint book their next trip away?

Okay, we have a few short trips that generally are midweek getaways for a few days and occasionally weekends. As the summer progresses into autumn, the weather is supposed to change, if you subscribe to the children's idea that there are four seasons.... In the UK we have one season with variable dry and wet and cold periods interspersed through the year.

This week the BBC weatherman, Tomas, was saying that as the weather cools there could even be "wintry showers" on the higher ground in Scotland this weekend. Okay. The nearest bit of Scotland is (according to Google maps) 391 miles from home. It's June 6th today.

That 391 miles would see us across the English Channel (La Manche) and around Lyon if we stayed in France.


So I slightly digress.

We traditionally go away for our Wedding Anniversary on October 7th. We have often been to mainland Spain (Costa del Sol) and to the US to cover this date. No doubt I can dig out some cheesy photos from somewhere.... or Google Photos!

So where to this year. I have just signed up for another year of the rollercoaster that is following the Arsenal in the Premier League and I will share this with my friend Phil again as I did last season. It means that we both block weeks off when we want to go away and then any games fall to the other person. The fixtures for 2024/25 don't come out until June 18th... an agonising two weeks away.

Once out. We can divvy the games up on the spreadsheet and then we know where we stand. The difficulties lie in fitting in Champion's League and FA Cup games into the schedule.

I still have the timeshare in Tenerife. We have used it, or rather the week per year I own. Having never been to the apartment I own for a week in December might seem remiss, but having been to a nearby resort some years ago I am sort of glad. I prefer quieter places and so Benidorm and the like simply don't appeal.

We have used it many times since I got it and have exchanged our week to mainland Spain and to the US, Florida mostly and also to Arizona.

So like 2022 when we went in the Moho to Alcossebre in Spain, I am once again looking for a pet friendly apartment where we can drive to and stay for a week. Preferably somewhere with a private parking area so that Molly is off the road. At Alcossebre the old van, Suki, was parked by the nearest entrance to our apartment block in the public road. She was locked up and all the blinds shut etc. I even put a note on the windscreen saying where we could be found. It was late November and Alcossebre was dead as a dodo!

It looks as though I will be working my way through what's available in Europe, that's driveable, and pet friendly, three filters (!) on the RCI website.

Failing that we can maybe try elsewhere in England or even Wales and Scotland....

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